Interview Questions on ASP.NET State Management

Q : What is State management in ASP.NET?

Ans : State management is the process by which you maintain state and page information over multiple requests for the same or different pages.

Q : Why we need State management to maintain state?

Ans : Net Pages are destroyed and re-created with each round trip to the server; therefore, page information will not exist beyond the life cycle of a single page.

Q : What are different state management techniques available in .Net?

Ans : ASP.NET provides multiple ways to maintain state between server round trips this can be either client side or server side.

Client Side State Management options:

Storing page information using client-side options doesn't use server resources.
1. View state
2. Control state
3. Hidden fields
4. Cookies
5. Query strings

Server side state management options:

1. Application state
2. Session state
3. Profile properties

Q : What are the advantages and disadvantages of using client side state management?

Ans : Advantages:
No server resources are required.
Simple implementation

Performance considerations
Potential security risks
Depends on browser compatibility


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